teddy's love

We'll leave behind a lifetime we'll never know again

Dear ole blog,

Know something?  You've been amazing all these while, really.

But there'’s a time for everything – including goodbye(s)

And because I’m way past that certain phase in my life that revolves anything, everything around reignited, the special/hidden/abstract meanings and inspirations behind it. And I’m done, done associating with the memories, people and things involved with reignited.

So there I’m leaving this realm, to another new place.

Where I’ll continue my pursuit for something new, something wondrous and something so magnificent you cannot put it in words.

I’ll leave the blog intact for memento’s sake though. 

PS: LeAnn Rime's Please Remember current on the playlist for the perfect occasion with the perfect lyrics.

Goodbye reignited, goodbye you <3

moment in time


My new url is almost done, halfway through construction.
I've been trying to tidy up every tiny corner of the layout, codings, to make it uniquely mine.  Alright I admit though I couldn't be bother with to come up with the design, I'm just too tired and livejournal has enough decent, presentable layouts to be shown.  However, I'm doing quite a number of editings.

Realised I'm an easily impressed, excitabled, contented person.  Although I constantly seek for more pleasures, wonders and beauty. First week of holiday flew by; that was fast, way to quick for my strides to be savoured.  Anyhow, I'm looking forward for all the exciting and marvelous plans I've made for myself this holidays.  I promise, it'll be an enriching one.
I'm excited for my room's revamp :) 

have yourself merry berries


"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Hokay people, I am gonna move house - as in I'll leaving reignited. I've already created a new lj account, still decided to stick to lj since blogger is pretty much screwed up and all, plus it's easier to make friends on lj :) I need to get my own design up (yes you've heard it right, I'm back on photoshop once again), set up the profiles and stuff, and everything'll be up running smoothly, I hope.

Here I come, making more online friends as well :)

Don't worry, I'll account to whoever I feel obliged to. Wait for my good news with my fabulous new url link.

These shall be the last few posts here, I guess. Actually I'm rather sad to leave reignited but change is always for the better, it doesn't necessary spells doom.

girls and shopping bags


This is taken some time ago, as dated.  

Going back to ion makes me a happy girl! I don't mind camping at the toilet cause it's so cool  & Something's probably wrong with the aircon there cause it's so cold that you keep wanting to go toilet :/  

I had a great time yesterday with weifang, catching up and everything.  More of such sessions to come my dearest girlfriend! (:

  Anyways, shopping's a god-given grace (:  Hahaha, whatever I am talking about.  By the way, happy 1st to mr.metal (my braces in case you don't know).  You've been a joy to me for the past one year, and I cannot imagine a day without you :( 

It's only the beginning of the holidays and I'm awfully broke.  Movie/Dinner tomorrow with tennis gang, Movie and insert whatever stuffs you could think of with my OC4 on saturday.  

I think I need to drag Daddy for shopping, cause I can't finance myself anymore :( 
a child&#39;s language


I just wasted my time in front of my computer, doing nothing productive well not that I gotta mug for exams, cause it's officially over and unofficialy the start of a fun-filled 2 months, or so I hope.

I'm feeling a little annoyed, a little edgy, a little unsettled and disturbed, but I guess it's nothing more than a mere passing feeling.

Some plans for the holidays:

- meetup with wf & ty, gossip, rant, bitch, catchup, camwhore, touring clarke quay and everywhere else
- i gotta start asking xt out, i've been negelecting her :( meet up sooon please!
- oc4 outing
- shopping @ ion on thurs with mal
- belated proposal movie date with candy and whoever that's coming
- kicks ass back to tennis courts for trainings
- getting back my tan teehee 
- buffets, buffets and many more buffets
- shopping with cousin till we drop dead and surrender!
- exco retreat 
- leadership camp (includes precamp)
- arrange a date with shareefa!
- hangout real loads of nathiya & jaiya
- outing/gathering with nat, jai, tata and zy
- meet tammie for coffee and cakes, roufang for tennis and all other random girls in my life
- go for facial and mani and pedi
- belated ice cream treat for cf
- all girls outing with cf, mw, yn & wf :)
- h2h with sissy aka tw!
- h2h with marc, syad and hang out with them

Hokay and I'm tired of typing.  Maybe I need sleep, though I don't lack it.

Fast forward to tomorrow, my great activites start as of  tomorrow! =)


We are who we are today, because of our past mistakes. 
Have you learnt something?

walk the talk


Somehow, I just felt  a compulsive urge to type something here, even if it's my jammed up thoughts.

Oh right, tomorrow marks the starts of my first exam paper.  I'm not through with my revision yet, there's so much more to do yet I loiter my precious time, here on the cyber world.  Yet strangely, a new form of calmity sets in and soothes me  as I watch the minute hand ticks pass, perhaps a gentle reminder of the wonderful things I can freely indulge (without feeling the sinful guilt afterwards) in after my exams. 

Life's beautiful, when you've something/someone to look forward to.


You'll realise everything's within grasp if you work for it; so have the world in your hands


when it shines


I’ve came across wonderful profiles on the internet – people who’ve earned a notable reputation for themselves, both online and offline. They’ve had their once mocked by others as ‘unattainable’ and ‘unrealistic’ dreams realised. And it left me pondering with thoughts – what have I desired and achieved throughout my course of 18 years?

I’ve dreams, ambitions, visions, futuristic plans laid and crafted out carefully. I am pretty much someone who thrives on a disorganized mess; as a result, my energies are often scattered in varying divergent directions.

So are my dreams.

No matter what, there gotta be a bigger picture I am idealizing, in spite of all my miniature concepts. And I suppose I already have the key to my answer, I’ll just have to unlock it.

Like Sims3, there is a lifetime achievement everyone is working towards. If you hadn’t found yours, you’ll in time to come. Some people just happen to know what they want in life earlier.

And I know I am laying out the path for my future, slowly but steadily. It’s a long term thing and I might not see the results as of now. But in the years to come, I know that I’ll see and understand that whatever I’ve been doing is not wasted, my time is definitely not squandered on what seem irrelevant now.  All of these sacrifices will slowly but surely accumulate to yield the results in the future.

But it doesn’t mean I’ll give up the pursuit for life’s simplest pleasures and the little interests in life that intrigue me.

So come this holiday, I’ll embark on a journey to find back myself and the things I’ve lost. 
I’ll be back, setting sight from where I’ve left. 



Jesse: Oh, God, why didn't we exchange phone numbers and stuff? Why didn't we do that?
Celine: Because we were young and stupid.
Jesse: Do you think we still are?
Celine: I guess when you're young, you just believe there'll be many people with whom you'll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.
Jesse: And you can screw it up, you know, misconnect.

- Before Sunset

You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details.